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Locally, Watch "Understanding Your Bible" with Pastor Steve Atwood on Comcast cable channel 46 @ 8:30 PM on Sunday Nights


Understanding Your Bible TV Broadcast





  In this instructional broadcast television series Pastor Steve Atwood discusses the "key" which unlocks the truths of God's Word for God's people today.

  Using only the Bible (KJV) as his text, Mr. Atwood teaches viewers to apply this "key" to several fundamental areas of basic Biblical knowledge which are essential for a complete understanding of God's Word.


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"Understanding Your Bible" Television Broadcast videos

There are 36 total shows broken down into 6 series pages. Click the series links below to go to each page. The video files are around 72 mbs and are avaliable for downloading, right click on the Download box and choose "Save Target As"

Series 4

Series 1 Series 2 Series 3 Series 5 Series 6

Show 19 The Sabbath

  Show 20 When Did the Church Begin?

Show 21 The Great Commission

 Show 22 More Differences in Kingdom & Grace Doctrine

 Show 23 Prayer Today

 Show 24 Healing & Tongues


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